Available Bulls

Currently there are no bulls available for sale.

Please check back for updates or contact us with your anticipated needs so that we can discuss upcoming availabilities.


Roberts Angus Farm guarantees that all bulls sold are virgins, have passed a breeding soundness exam by a qualified person, are fertile and should breed cows to the best of our knowledge. If a bull is infertile, we will provide you with a satisfactory replacement (if available) or issue a credit equal to the bull's purchase price less the salvage value received for that bull.

Bulls need proper nutrition prior to, during, and after the breeding season, so they can maintain strength and condition plus develop properly. Please observe the bulls closely and make sure they are serving your cows. We recommend that you not allow the bulls to get too thin at any time in their life.

Herd Health and Vaccinations

All yearling bulls must pass a Breeding Soundness Exam by a certified veterinarian. Any bull that fails is culled. All bulls are current on all herd health shots.

We Proudly Use Pfizer Animal Health Products including UltraChoice 8, Cattlemaster Gold FP5 L5, and Dectomax.

Recommended Breeding Age

The number of cows a young bull is exposed to should be based on his age at the start of the breeding season.

Bull's Age
No. Of Cows
15 Months
18 Months
24 Months