Natural Beef

What is Natural Beef?

Simply put, "Natural Beef" is from animals that are growth-hormone and antibiotic free.

Almost all beef available at the local supermarket came from a feedlot where the feed is "medicated" with antibiotics and the animals receive growth implants.

Our calves are pasture-raised to about 600 pounds along side their momma cows. At about eight months old they are weaned and moved to another pasture where they are able to graze freely. At this time, they are also supplemented with an all natural protein feed containing grain products, plant protein products, and forage products with added minerals and vitamins. These animals are slaughtered at about 1050 to 1200 pounds. Being primarily free-range animals, the beef will be far leaner than the commercial feedlot beef available at the grocery store.

Do I have to purchase the entire animal?

Customers may order a whole beef, half of a beef, or a quarter of a beef.

When a beef is processed, it is processed by the half. If purchasing a quarter of a beef, you will not have the option to customize the cuts you will receive. If a customer want to have the option to choose their own cuts but only purchase a quarter of a beef, they should go in with either a friend or neighbor and split a half of a beef.

How much beef will I get in a whole, a half, or a quarter?

While each individual animal will vary slightly, our experiences have shown that for a steer with a 1100 lb. live weight, the hanging weight would be 605 lbs. for the whole beef, 302 lbs. for half a beef, and 151 lbs. for a quarter of a beef. *If purchasing a quarter of a beef, a quarter is not the front or back of a side, but an equally divided half of a beef.

Keep in mind that this is an average. The actual amount will vary depending on the cuts you request and the actual size of the animal. Some people will get a little more and others a little less.

What cuts of beef will I receive in my order?

The following is an average of what we get on our personal beef order. These percentages will vary depending on how you request your beef to be cut.

Click here for the official American Angus Association reference chart of the various cuts and where they come from on the beef.

When can I order my beef?

Calves chosen to be fed out for freezer beef are selected in July. Orders can be placed anytime before then.

When will the beef be ready?

The animals selected for freezer beef will be fed and monitored from July until the following April. The animals generally "finish out" and are taken to the processor by the end of April and ready to pick up from the processor at the beginning on May.

Can I visit the farm to see the animals?

We welcome visitors to the farm. But due to hectic schedules, please contact us to schedule your visit.

I've read enough, how do I purchase some beef!

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